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National Homeless Youth Month


November is the month of many events. Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Men’s Health Month, however, what is most often overlooked is that November is also National Homeless Youth Month.

November was made National Homeless Youth Month in 2008. It was made to acknowledge the increasing number of homeless children and families. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, around 4.2 million young adults and youth experience homelessness in the United States.

A homeless youth is described as a youth or young adult who does not have a permanent state of nighttime residence, lives in emergency or transitional shelters, or lives in hotels/motels due to inadequate accommodations. With this perspective, many youth are considered homeless, even though it is unexpected. 

Everyone has seen a homeless person on the side of the road asking for anything including prayers, food, and even straight cash. The desensitization and untrust of these people is the downfall of our community and society as a whole. 

No one wants to assist the people they see standing on the side of the road because they may not even be homeless or they may be using what is given to them negatively. However, this distrust may lead to worse conditions for the homeless.

Homeless youth are more likely to be trapped in a human trafficking ring. The National Network for Youth estimates that around 20 percent of homeless youth are survivors of human trafficking, and 68 percent have been trafficked. Also. LGBTQ+ youth and youth who were formerly in foster care are subjected to human trafficking at significantly higher rates. 

Not only that, education is severely hard to come by when homelessness is added into the equation. Enrolling, attending, and thriving in school is difficult when there is no reliable transportation or a quiet place to go to do homework or study. Less than 68 percent of homeless youth graduate from high school, which makes it difficult for them to find a steady career and the cycle continues.

Alhtough not all homeless youth are standing on the sidewalk begging for money, they are everywhere. November is the time to acknowledge them and donate to an organization that helps the homeless. 

Organizations such as The National Homelessness Law Center and True Colors United are great causes awaiting donations.

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